Idan Cohen is a bridal and evening couture design house, which masters in the art of creating luxury dresses.
Idan Cohen dresses are not modest rather extravagant and intricate in beautiful design.
The Idan Cohen dresses are so unique and distinguished from anything else out there, that the fashion industry couldn’t stay indifferent.
All the dresses made in Idan’s studio are handmade by the top seamstresses in Israel and finest luxury sewing techniques.
Ever since penetrating to the international market in 2013, Idan had become a household brand-name in a record speed.
The reactions were phenomenal, driven by the love of the crowd on social media, IDAN had become the most popular and sought-after brand in the bridal industry and one of the hottest names in the couture scene.
The brand can be found in over 40 stores around the world.
While we bring to life an abundance of gowns and export them around the world, there is one important factor that remains constant: Our high standard for quality fashion  
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